Restored Farmhouse with New Carriage House and Apartment

“The problem we faced was how to double the size of an 1800s farmhouse without losing the integrity and feel of the original building.  Among many achievements, Steve Walker and crew were particularly adept at preserving the old structure including beams; matching exposed ceiling beams with new false beams and integrating new with old rooflines.

Steve and company were also helpful in coming up with ideas such as adding a dumb-waiter elevator in a under-utilized corner wall, and finding a way to fit in radiant heat throughout the old and new structures.  I found the crew easy to work with and it was interesting and fun to get involved in the process as far as doing research on and purchasing of plumbing necessities as well as lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc.  Beaverdam Builders rarely, if ever, said something could not be done, but rather found a way to accomplish all of our whims.”

— Steve Berg, Andes, NY

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